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 Foggy Bottom West End Village

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Our Volunteers
These are the folks who make the Village work.  They serve on the board; on committees that plan and deliver social and education events, recruit new members and deliver services to members.  

They work in the office, take pictures at events, manage this web site and raise money for the organization year around.

More than a third of our members are volunteers, and we have quite a few non-member volunteers.

Click here to sign up as a volunteer and add your name to this list!

Member volunteers

Bill Armistead

George Arnstein

Mary Bernstein

Monika Bernstein 

Lynn Cates

Morris Chalick

Anna Chisman

Kate Clinton

Rebecca Coder

Leslie deVeau

Lucille Duprat

Mary Dusing

Madelyn Evans

Janet Farbstein

Christina Farnsworth

Myrna Fawcett

Tish Gardner

Member volunteers

Lorna Grenadier

Anders Gyllenhaal

Beverly Gyllenhaal

Robert Haas

Susan Haight

Sue Headlee

Evie Hirsch

Marsha Ingber   

Linda Kaplan

Patricia Kellogg

Jackie Lemire

Binney Levine

Molly McCartney

Deb Neve

Trevor Neve 

Mark Ording

Paul O'Leary

Member volunteers

Wendy Pallett

Perry Province

Barbara Reck

Katalin Roth

Peter Sacco

Ruth Schimel

Jane Scholz

Leah Schroeder

John Seichter

Jane Selby

Ann Sheffield

Nadia Taran

Marianne Taylor

Carl Vacketta

John Williams

Sally Willis

Monroe Wright

CB Wooldridge



Alice Brenner

Mark Budd

Patrick Cody

Jocelyn Fine

Ruthmarie Finley

Gabriela Garcia

Christine Gardner

Grey Gyllenhaal

Zelda Kapner

Phyllis Kramer      

Susan Lampton

Sarah Lissfelt

Xin (Susan) Qin

Joanne Rorapaugh

Hugo Schmidt

Lee Smith

Becky Squire

Madelaine Weiss

Judy Wayne


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2430 K Street, NW : Washington, DC 20037 : 202-333-1327 ::