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FBWEV Remembers it Well

Published on 3/11/2015
On March 9th, FBWEV members attended an interactive session on memory.  This session is a continuation of the popular FBWEV Health and Wellness series started 4-5 months ago.   

Lisa Rindner, Geriatric Social Worker at Iona Senior Services, spoke about the healthy habits one needs to support good memory, manage stress and how to stay sharp.  Lisa spoke about practical tips/information one could use to reduce memory loss and also talk about services available at Iona Senior Services that Villagers can access for successful aging.
Villagers learned that successful aging involved social, physical, and emotional wellbeing, and that there are techniques to reduce memory loss.  These include getting enough sleep, staying focused and being present in the moment, staying socially active, learning new skills, and using brain games on a regular basis.
All agreed that memory loss is an issue of aging well, and appreciated the tips outlined in Lisa’s lecture and well as the many interesting activities their membership in the Foggy Bottom West End Village provides.

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