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Village President: "It takes a Village to throw a Gala"

Published on 9/14/2015
We have all heard the saying, “It takes a Village to raise a child.”

Well, I submit that it “takes a Village to raise a Village and it definitely “takes a Village to throw a Gala!”

Good evening, I am Susan Haight, President of FBWEV. Welcome to Mardi Gras in September and All that Jazz

The things we do to support the FBWE Village! When CB told me that I had to dance into this hall with a parasol, I wanted to look like Judith Jameson in Alvin Ailey “Revelations” – tall, sleek, graceful, but I am afraid I look like Mary Poppins in full flight!

Give me strength!!!

We are here tonight to raise money for the FBWE Village, a neighborhood nonprofit volunteer/membership organization in Washington, D.C., that provides services and social activities to help residents live independently for the long term. We are building a community where neighbors help neighbors, neighbors care about neighbors, and have fun doing it.

Membership fees cover approximately 40 percent of our operating costs. We rely on donations and gifts to cover the other 60 percent and tonight, with your help and generosity, we hope to be one step closer to becoming sustainable.

If you are not knowledgeable about the Village movement --- in “Village speak” that means we Extend a Hand, Stay Connected and allow members to Live Well at Home, but what does this mean? Take a look at one of our members. . “In her own words . . . “  Videographer: Sam Gyllenhaal, Producer: Beverly Gyllenhaal.

I want to thank Janet Farbstein, our star, Sam Gyllenhaal, our videographer/producer, and Bev Gyllenhaal for putting the video together.

This is what we do and to keep us going, that is why you are here.

Briefly, I want to also acknowledge all those who worked so hard to put this evening together:
  • Our two co-chairs: Jane Scholz, and Leah Schroeder
  • The incomparable CB Wooldridge and his team for these extraordinary decorations
  • Bob McDonald, our executive director
  • Members of our Board, especially Mary Bernstein and John Seichter for their hard work
  • And all those who put many/many hours into planning and donating to this event. 
Thank you!
To end, I have three requests:

Introduce yourself to everyone.

Open your hearts to our mission and bid on auction items, buy salon and raffle tickets to support our Village, and

Have a good time, and ALL THAT JAZZ!

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