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Please help assemble items for Gala auction, Wall of Wine

Published on 3/30/2018
Volunteers are now starting to gather items for the silent auction and Wall of Wine that will be part of our 2018 fundraising gala. It is our hope that we receive all donations by April 15th. The bidding for auction items and the Wall of Wine will open online on or about May 10th and will close at the gala on May 21st at St. Paul's Church, 2430 K Street NW from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. 

Preferred Auction Items
• Multi-day stay at your vacation home or timeshare or that of a friend;

• Dinner for two or more at a local restaurant, 

• Tickets for two to a theatrical, music, dramatic, or dance performance or an athletic event -- a good option if you have season tickets; 

• Gift certificate for a personal service like hair cut and color, manicure/pedicure, massage, facial, exercise class(es), sessions with personal trainer.

For auction items, we would like to have gift certificates for items or personal services that have a retail value of $100 or more. 

Requests should be made 1) in person, or 2) by phone, or as a last resort, 3) in a personal email to someone that you know. It is strongly suggested that you do not leave blank paperwork with the donor and rely on them to send it to us. Our experience is that this rarely works 

Please note that physical items are not offered for sale at the auction. For example, a painting is not an eligible item. A gift certificate to an art gallery that sells paintings is an eligible item. A piece of jewelry is not considered to be an eligible item. A gift certificate to a jewelry story or gallery is an eligible item. A bag of cosmetics is not an eligible item. A gift certificate from your salon for cosmetics is an eligible item.

(Why? Simply, because we don't have the space to store and protect physical items beforehand and at the gala.)

If you want to give individual items of less than $100 retail value each, please get enough of these so that they can be packaged in a basket of items that have a combined retail value of $100 or more. For example, you might want to combine a haircut for $75 and a manicure or pedicure for $40.

Wall of Wine
For the Wall of Wine , please consider donating individual bottles of premium wine that have a retail value of $100 or more.  Include a short written description of the wine itself. Usually wine lovers can easily provide this.

For all donations
For each item you donate, include the following information:
• Name of item,

• Written description of the item (50 words or less), 

• Photo of the item donated or a business logo -- preferably a high resolution digital image -- or web address where we can obtain a photo free of charge. If you are giving tickets to an event, no photo is necessary.

• Name, street address, phone number and email address of the entity or person giving the donation. For example, if you are giving dinner for two at a local restaurant, provide the name of the manager of the restaurant, the mailing address, the manager's phone and email address. 

All donors will receive a receipt that they may use for tax purposes. The Village is a 501(c)3 organization and most auction donations are eligible to be treated as charitable contributions. If the donor's contact info is not provided, unfortunately the Village will not be able to send a receipt. 

Please note the following: 
The value of the item donated is set by the donor. 
  • A "completed donation" means that The Village has all of the information on the item and any physical gift certificate that the merchant/donor wants to donate. 
To download a Gala Donation request letter, form, and talking points in Microsoft Word that you can customize. Click here for downloaded materials. You may return completed donation forms to me at: or mail the completed form and any physical gift certificate to the Village office, 2430 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20037.

If you have questions, please contact: Thank you. 

-Jane Scholz
President of the Foggy Bottom West End Village Board

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